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NaNoWriMo 2015 Chapter 1: Solitude
NaNOWriMo Story 2015
Hello. My name is Sara. That’s nothing spectacular, I know.
I’ve walked these halls for so long I’ve lost track of time. I’ve seen the seasons change, though, and I don’t know how many times. I don’t look Outside so often anymore; except the nights I go out to the roof and watch the stars.
Days pass watching people come and go, live or die. Days pass watching people try to save other people, and sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. I pass the time watching TV with the other patients, talking to the nurses, the other patient’s families. I talk a lot because I’ve come to hate the silence.
Nights are harder. It’s quieter, there are fewer people, and the nurses like to turn off the TV’s so there’s nothing to watch. I end up in the E.R. a lot then, and let me tell you – I don’t like it there at all. The place makes my bones ache in this terrified sort of way. But I
:iconponygirl:ponygirl 1 0
Carnival of Tears
It wasn’t run down like some traveling carnivals, but it did have the worn-in, well attended appearance of a long standing much traveled one.
The carnival folk varied from the tradition leery folk to the (also) traditional warm and welcoming sorts. It set up in the shape of a teardrop, with the pointed end being the way into the carnival proper. To either side of this sat ticket and information booths.
People flocked to it no matter where it went. It boasted games, food, drink, rides, fortune tellers, a big top – and something many carnivals long since ceased to offer. The Freak Show.
Despite its worn well used appearance it had a following. People returned each year to see what differences may have come along, and to visit with “old friends” among the staff. People rarely left (short of death) when they joined. Speaking of death – it wasn’t common in this carnival.
The dust and dirt seemed to disappear at night; it became something else entirely. It
:iconponygirl:ponygirl 3 4
Not Again
It was just sitting there amid the cast off gold clubs, used sports padding, and scratched broken fish tanks.
It wasn't the normal sort, being scratched and scuffed just like the tanks it sat near. Pearly dark green swirled and mixed with a transparent almost black-green color. Throughout gold flecks - as if made of gold leaf - of various sizes floated.
I don't know what possessed me to bring it home. I didn't need it anymore than I needed the bright blue knee pad it rested on. Still, I picked it up, and it made the rounds of the thrift store as I meandered through, looking at all the other discards and odds and ends.
Thrift stores are really strange places, if you think about it. You never know quite what you'll find. Trash or treasure? Unique or a dime a dozen? Cheap and tacky or privately beautiful?
Maybe that's why I bought it. I love the color green, and it made me think of my childhood with its simplistic shape and clear cut use. It screamed of "I used to do that!" in the same wa
:iconponygirl:ponygirl 4 7
FFM 2015 - Madness
It started with the persuit of beauty. Not of his Majesty, but of HER Majesty. After an encounter with the fae, the Queen began to slip into a bit of madness. First her gowns became more and more expensive and elaborate. Then her makeup, hair, nails and more joined into the fray. After which went her "care routines", until she spent more time in her suite then eating.
Of course, this sort of mental illness takes it's toll, and people eventually got used to seeing her less and less. No one noticed when she stopped being seen at all until months had passed.
And the King began to seem a bit... preoccupied. No one noticed as here and there new girls were hired for the castle - young girls, mostly. Older women who were highly "attractive" to the King's taste (and often a bit "playful") also were hired. They spoke of work as usual at first - laundry, cooking, cleaning. Entertaining as well, apparently.
One of the girls disappeared. We should have been more aware, paid more attention. The tru
:iconponygirl:ponygirl 3 5
20 Min speed write
20min Speed Write, 12/3/14
Song: Sarah McLachlan, "Stupid"
Characters: Brant
Brant tossed the window open and sat on the edge of the sill, looking down across the roof to the streets below, frowning at the breeze that brought just a little relief to the sweltering heat.
She swung her legs out of the window and moved out onto the roof, slipping along the silent well known pathways to wherever she wanted to go. She’d spent how many nights moving this way while the city slept? Unseen, taking this or that – whatever she’d wanted.
She stopped to watch the ends of a gathering in one back garden and then moved on, finally dropping to the streets. It was such habit, the quick smile, a charming little side step, a bump, an apology, and she kept walking. She didn’t even realize what she’d done till she stuck her hands back in her pockets, and her fingers encountered cold hard metal.
She pulled the coins out of her pocket and stopped to look at them. Nothing maj
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10min Speed Write
10 min Speed Write, 12/3/14
Song: Seal, "Kiss from a Rose"
As she walked off down the side alley, he urged Misande to follow. The little mare easily caught up with her, and she turned her head to look up at him.
One eye was solid blue, the other had islands of pale green floating amid the blue. She pressed her lips together, her expression going from wary to unwelcoming, and she gave a slight toss of her head before looking away, scoffing at him.
“I saw what you did back there.” He said, setting Misande’s reins across her neck as he leaned over to be closer to eye level.
“Oh right, are you going to punish me now for giving two hungry street rats a bit of coin, then?” She turned those odd eyes back on him again, and he couldn’t help but smile. The flippant disregard was so familiar. He’d been the one being so rude once.
“No, actually.” He stopped Misande and slid off her back, landing behind the girl as he did so. She turned a
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8Min Speed Write 12/3/14
8 minute Speed Write, 12/3/14
Song: Sarah McLachlan, "Dirty Little Secret"
Characters: Brant & Unnamed other MC
He tilted his head as he looked at her, then lifted his hands and gently slid his fingers into her short shorn red hair. He hated seeing her standing there looking so… broken.
He leaned close, pressing his lips softly to her forehead. He could remember when they first met. The way she’d glanced up at him, taller than she was on the back of his horse. The lift of one eyebrow, the tilt of her head, and the disdain reflected in those green and blue eyes.
She’d scoffed without a word, almost as if daring him to call her out on some imagined slight. He’d had that ability, that power, and she… hadn’t cared. She’d looked at him like he’d once looked at people in his position.
He slid his arms around her, pulling her close, and he spoke quietly.
“You are amazing, Brant.” He hated the feeling of her in his arms
:iconponygirl:ponygirl 0 0

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Tree of Life pendant #6
Blue glass beads, white-silver wire (it looks coppery but isn't).

This one is special as I got the beads the day I was rushing to go see my step-dad in the hospital for what we were certain was the last time I would ever see him. I can get weirdly fixated when I'm super stressed, and I had wanted to get more beads for pendants. I became fixated that day on GETTING MORE but found nothing and was in a time crunch.

I happened to look down while standing there in frustration in front of the bead wall at Joanne's Fabrics and Crafts and this strand of strange faceted round beads was just laying there. They made me think of clouds in stormy skies.

I took them and some bicones I found and bought them. And then, didn't do anything with them for ages because my step-dad's health and passing turned everything all upside down. I couldn't find a color to use, found some wire, didn't have enough - and then after he passed I didn't get back to the store to get any more in the color I needed, since I could only find it in a sample type of package. I didn't want to go to the store...

I finally picked some up the next day I worked, and yesterday I finally sat down and cut the rest of the wire, then worked up the pendant.

It's the first one I've made to keep.

It reminds me of my step-dad, and I don't know why. The beads have done it since the start.
It's crap. Not my art, my life.

I'm on government aid. Not disability, but welfare, until my MH and other issues are sorted enough to figure out where I stand. Even so, I've applied for jobs and either been ignored, or am still waiting to hear back.

My son's birthday is the 12th, and I can't afford anything for him, not even a cake. I got him one toy, an I owe my Mom for that. Next month I have to buy him school supplies, and somehow buy him new some new clothes, and probably should buy him new shoes, but that will have to wait.

My car just died. Won't start. Jumping it won't help, so it's likely the starter or alternator, both of which are $100-$200 parts alone - plus it can't be started so I can't even drive it to a shop.

Then there is the money owed to my mother, my brother, and several past-due medical bills that are heading to collections.

How am I supposed to get to appointments, including the weekly therapy appointments I need to attend to get the welfare? By making my brother take me everywhere, until he gets work. Meanwhile, he has his own appointments, interviews, etc...

I'm tired. The world seems like it'd be better without my problems. I'm not going to do anything stupid, no worries.

I'm selling art. Mirrors or anything else. It'll do no good but the offer is there.
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